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This website concentrates on the county of Lenawee in south eastern Michigan and the businesses,organizations and residents that reside within.
Why Lenawee? Because it's a great place to live and visit* There are 62 lakes plus in Lenawee County with an acreage ranging from a few acres to 1,330 acres.Of the 749.56 sq mi of Lenawee county almost 11 sq mi Are Water. Along with vast acres of woods and farmland. Over 73 farms still remain in Lenawee county 19 historical bridges,more than 42 historical sites,Three Colleges Adrian College, Siena Hieghts University and Jackson Community College,a county owned public use airport located three miles southwest of Adrian and the The Old Road Dinner Train operating on a railroad line that is one of the oldest operating in the United States,operating between Adrian and Riga
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   Lenawee County is a county in south eastern Michigan Settled in May of 1824. The county once extended as far west as Lake Michigan. Both agriculture and industry remain strong in Lenawee County. This area includes the scenic Irish Hills area, Michigan International Speedway, hidden Lakes Gardens, Hayes State Park and the Cambridge Junction historical area*    The Cites, Villages Townships of lenawee County include* The cities of: Adrian, Hudson, Morenci and Tecumseh* Villages of: A ison, Blissfield, Britton, Cement City, Clayton, Clinton, Deerfield and Onsted.* Michigan Charter townships in Lenawee are: Adrian Township, Madison Township and Raisin Township.* Michigan unchartered general law townships in Lenawee include Blissfield, Cambridge, Clinton, Deerfield, Dover, Fairfield, Franklin, Hudson, Macon* Medina, Ogden, Palmyra, Ridgeway, Riga, Rollin, Rome, Seneca, Tecumseh and Woodstock.
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Welcome To The Lenawee County's Web Site
As a non profit website local advertising and the use of other options such as editing or adding content are free of charge.
We are always looking to a more volunteer editors to promote the cites,townships & villages of Lenawee.
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Mission Statement:* lenaweeonline.com is a free,non profit local community site the content written and edited by the local residents of Lenawee County to promote and provide information about the cites, villages,townships,individuals and entrepreneurs within. As a free community site the goal is to let the members of the local community share their interests, views and beliefs be it local news,events,outdoor experiences,schools student of the month,ect. anything from A to Z. It is up to the community to fill in the blanks or make corrections. we only provide the place in which to do so.
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Lenawee county business
Lenawee Local Business
A Listing of over 5000 highly qualified entrepreneurs in over 1500 business category's ranging from A To Z who provide service, products and their expertise to the residents Lenawee County.
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lenawee schools
Lenawee County Schools
There are over 130 listings here sorted by category and city. pertaining to an institution for learning and the development of skills within Lenawee County.
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lenawee services
Lenawee County Professional Services
A listing of professional services by category serving Lenawee County and the surrounding areas.
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lenawee church
Lenawee County Churches And Religious Organizations
There are over 220 listings listed by faith and city. pertaining to a building,kirk,chapel,temple used for public worship,A particular religious organization, usually one with its own clergy, buildings, and distinctive doctrines. Directory listing are alphabetically or thematically with details such as A ress, City, State, Phone Numbers, Hours, Maps, Profiles, Reviews and other methods of contact. for individuals, organizations, agents and firms that provide service, products and information for Lenawee County.
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lenawee information
Lenawee County Information Guides
Guides Are edited and written by the residents of Lenawee county through an open forum format to provide Information on Government, Events, History, places to see and visit and More

Campground lenawee tour
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lenawee weather
Lenawee County Weather
Lenawee Countys Local Weather Information by AccuWeather.com.
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lenawee clasified
Lenawee County Classified
Classified ads include Descriptions,images,locations,and asking price of various items for sale or trade by Local residents of Lenawee County. Clearly describe in a few words what your product is. Use numbers and facts to tell things like color, model, etc. Don't go on to tell the whole story about your product. Just tell its present condition and location. Avoid exaggerated claims. Strange but true, you will not get the right customers with exaggerated claims. Clearly state how, where and when you can be contacted. on lenaweeonline.com classified ads have no expiration date as long as your items are for sale or trade. The ad is available until you take it down.
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lenawee news
Lenawee County Local News
Local News
Written By The Residents Of Lenawee County
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lenawee obituaries

Lenawee County Free Obituaries & Guestbook
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lenawee movies
Lenawee County Movie Previews
Movie Trailers for movies now showing and a list of local theaters
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lenawee government
Lenawee County Government
Lenawee County Government Directory
   Lenawee Online is considered a web directory or link directory. specializing in linking to other web sites and businesses and categorizing those links . As a web directory we are not a search engine and do not display lists of web pages based on keywords. Instead, we lists web sites and businesses by category and subcategory. or goal is to have your listing or link found by humans and not necessarily by web crawlers. The categorization we use is usually based on the business or practice in which you are involved rather than a set of keywords. businesses and links are often limited to inclusion in only a few categories. As A Web directory we allow site owners and business owners along with their agents to submit their site or business for inclusion. as long as the submissions meets a child safe standard.
   Working towards a greater Lenawee County this site was truly developed solely to help the community As a resident of Lenawee County I have seen local businesses, housing markets and attractions fall due to the economy and a lack of knowledge as to what lenawee county and its residents have to offer. We have lost Stage Coach Stop,Prehistoric Forest, 2 auto dealers,Rosier's Meats,The Mill and most of the Adrian Mall including Sears just to name a few. As a small town resident all of the attractions,businesses and people no longer here will be sorely missed. This site is being developed by members of our local community to bring back some of the quality of life we have experienced in the the past thru citizens guides, informational links and free advertising. We want to watch our people, businesses, attractions and markets grow. We have been surprised to learn that residents do not know that most of the products services,and amazing places to visit are available right here in Lenawee. We want you as an individual,business or firm to introduce yourself to the local community through profiles ,information and events.We can not do it for you but by submitting information about you and the community maybe together we can help bring back the day's of the past when people knew their neighbor and called on them for their projects,products,and experience.
p.s. We are always looking to add more volunteer editors in the Lenawee County area.

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